Work Smarter – Introducing QuickBooks Online Intergration

Here at MyFieldManager, we believe that you shouldn’t need to be an accountant to keep your books straight. Too often however, accounting can be a great challenge for just about any business.  Despite this challenge, tracking costs and income is key. Without this, it would be hard to know the financial health of your business, or even your annual tax bill.

This is where bookkeepers come in. Whether it’s the owner, an office manager, or different company, every business has a bookkeeper. For the businesses that handle their own, we have just rolled out Version 1 of our QuickBooks Online integration. For PRO subscribers, this brand new feature is now available for use.

With the click of a simple “Export” button, MyFieldManager can now push your expenses into QuickBooks Online saving you time and money. Not only does MyFieldManager provide you with simple project health, but now it can also reduce data entry efforts.  Typing the same thing into two different systems can create errors. In this specific case, the last place you need or want errors is in your accounting software.

If your company is struggling to keep up with expense transactions, this extra feature will become your new best friend. Using this feature couldn’t be easier. First, you select the project you want to add expenses to. Next, you click the “Add Expense” button. Lastly, you click “Export” and watch it make your life easier. It’s just that simple, no degree in accounting required.

Let us help you to navigate this difficult landscape. We believe that the addition of QuickBooks Online integration is a great value for our PRO subscribers. Find out for yourself today by upgrading to PRO or subscribing to MyFieldManager. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our software, let us know within 14 days and you’ll get your money back.  It’s that simple.

Ryan Farley

Ryan Farley

Lead Developer @MFM


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