project Management made easy

Increased Efficiency

Looking for a way to monitor project efficiency? My Field Manager provides you the tools to track project metrics in real-time so that you can easily identify inefficiencies in your operation.

COST Savings

Know your numbers. Are you constantly wondering where your money is going, or whether projects are profitable? My field Manager will help you track your expenses and margins to ensure that your hard earned money doesn't go to waste.


Sick of looking at spreadsheets in the office? My Field Manager provides a responsive interface so that you can keep an eye on your operation any time, any where.

What are people saying?

I have been able to track projects totaling over $200k with MFM in a short amount of time which increased my profit margin from 29% to 37% on average. I have gone from a chaotic operation to a well oiled machine. MFM has saved me money and time, and I absolutely recommend it!
Gene T.
Business Owner
Its great having a clear idea of whats going on with each project every day. Being able to access and update my scope of work in the field helps me to be more efficient because I always know what needs to be done.
Jon F.
Field Manager

Frequently asked questions

My Field Manager is a simple, cost effective project management system designed for the rest of us.  Every tool we built was designed to solve a problem for your business.

My Field Manager was primarily designed for the General Contractor or the Vendor who is either trying to start a new business, or trying to get control of an existing one.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to figure out how profitable your business is. 

My Field Manager may have been designed from the ground up for those industries, but it is still more than capable of tracking just about any sort of project you can throw at it.  Is there a client?  Are they paying you?  You can track it.

My Field Manager is YOUR project management platform. Contact Us For More Info

About the company

My Field Manager was born out of the need to provide better management and oversight of home flipping and renovation projects at a price point that anyone could afford. We designed this system exclusively to give you every tool you could need to run your production operations seamlessly.  Whether you work alone, or run a multi-million dollar business, My Field Manager will help drive efficiency in your operation today. 

My Field Manager is veteran designed, owned, and operated.